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Feedly Classic is a new version of the popular RSS reader which keeps the look and design of the original version, even after the complete renovation of the official client. If you don't actually like the latest changes, this may be what you're looking for because you can keep the app looking as it's always been.

One of the greatest advantages of Feedly Classic is that it'll automatically store all the information that you stored back in the day in the original Feedly version. So, the first time you open the app you can view all the webs and blogs you saved and located in their corresponding category. In order to add any new thread, web, blog or other elements, you have to click on the add feed button and pick your topic of interest. Once inside that category, you can browse around the long list of possibilities that you can add to your day-to-day. But, if you can't find what you're looking for, you can always add it manually.

On the other hand, Feedly Classic offers the information in a more comfortable way. You can view the headline and subheadline on the foreground, alongside the piece of news; if it interests you, you can directly access the URL where it is published or go to the next reading option. Similarly, you can share the file with your contacts through any of your social networks or save it so you can read it at any time.

Another great feature of Feedly Classic is that with just one look you'll know the number of important news you've yet to read, how many you've already read and the latest news. This feature lets you keep up-to-date on a specific topic or simply keep informed about what is going on in the world. Don't miss any important event with the elegant and practical design that Feedly Classic offers you.
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